Guy Rubino

Guy Rubino is Executive Chef and co-owner of one of Canada's most critically acclaimed fine dining restaurants, rain. Guy also co-hosts the television series made to order with his brother, Michael, and is a hands-on creative and production contributor as an Executive Producer.

Guy grew up in authentic Italian family, where the quest for the freshest ingredients and intricate preparations of food were an everyday occurrence and from an early age Guy could be found preserving vegetables and curing meats. A year at university confirmed his true calling as he was quickly drawn back to his first love. Discussions with his brother soon led to a plan, and in 1987 Michael and Guy decided to partner in a new and exiting restaurant and catering adventure known as Gourmet Greens. Guy found himself cooking at corporate functions, fashion shows, product launches, and many other high profile events. With the business flourishing, Guy took the opportunity to seek higher training of his craft by studying and working in some of North America's most renowned kitchens.

After five years of training Guy felt he was ready to open a fine dining restaurant and Zoom Caffe and Bar, their first internationally acclaimed restaurant, was launched. It was 1997 and Zoom's inventive and daring menu and design were simply ahead of their time. Torontonians were enthralled and instantaneously flocked to the Rubino brothers' first concept restaurant. The success of Zoom encouraged them pursue their next venture, rain, where the concept was to create an Asian fine-dining experience. With style and confidence Guy locked his position as one of Canada's most exciting chefs when rain took Toronto by storm in 2001. Launched with a precise combination of food, service and design, rain continues to draw domestic and international praise.

Since its inception in 2001, rain¹s culinary mission has been to explore Asian cuisine. The Asian inspired menu is artfully created by Guy, and its central theme is to celebrate a delicate tension between polarities ­ sweet balanced with sour, soft with crispy. The dishes offered at rain vary in their source of inspiration, but all are true to their heritage. A Japanese inspired dish may offer 'tuna three ways' on one plate, but all three ways will be a Japanese derived preparation. rain's menu is not ³fusion², blending Eastern recipes or techniques with Western ones; it is a celebration of Asian cuisine, Guy Rubino style.

Guy and Michael opened their highly anticipated third fine dining restaurant, Luce, as the first season of made to order began airing. The Italian menu at Luce was in homage to Guy¹s culinary roots and marked an exploration of authentic Italian food done in his unique style. It quickly became a critic's darling and was regarded as one of Canada¹s best Italian restaurants. Its sale in April 2006 has allowed the brothers the time to develop and plan the production of a second television series, while ensuring that clients at rain continue to meet receive an experience fitting of the Rubino brothers' demanding standards.

In addition to creating all of the recipes for rain and the television show, Guy is currently working on recipes for a cookbook. He is an accomplished drummer and guitarist and in his rare moments of free time can most often be found making music.